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Summer Faire and Raptor Rhapsody Postponed to August 8th, 2021

With a heavy heart, Port Gamble has decided to cancel the upcoming Summer Faire and Raptor Rhapsody events in August. As we hoped that Kitsap County would be moving through the phased reopening, we held hope for these great events to take place. However...

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Bite-sized Port Gamble History: A Presidential Visit

Each month, we'll be including a small piece of history from Port Gamble and I hope you will find it interesting! One hundred and forty years ago, the year 1880 was long remembered for the visit of President and Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes during their trip to Puget Sound. President...

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Wish in Port Gamble Launches Website

We are excited that Wish in Port Gamble has launched their official website at! You can order and pay for items online now. For now, you can schedule curb-side pickup or free local deliveries to the communities of Port Gamble...

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Get your grub on in Port Gamble in PHASE II. Food Plans...DONE!

At the end of May 2020, Kitsap County was approved to move to Phase II of the Safe Start proclamation by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. With the move to Phase II in COVID19 mitigation, most of the Port Gamble businesses have reopened with limited...

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June in Port Gamble, Summer's Coming!

Traditionally, summertime in Port Gamble means big festivals like June Faire and Old Mill Days. Although Port Gamble will not be hosting those festivals, the quaint historic town is hoping for a busy summer as Washington State moves through the phases of reopening.

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May in Port Gamble

All of us in Port Gamble are anxiously awaiting May 4th, 2020 to come up and see what the next steps are for Washington State in the fight against COVID19. We’re sure you are too! We hope everyone reading this is safe, well, and trying to enjoy the simple things in life now...

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Getting Geared Up for Getting Out (when it's safe)

We've all been anxious to get out and hit the trails, whether its by land or water. With Sring stepping out and saying "hello", nature has been stunning around Port Gamble. The family of Bald Eagles, ospreys, and other amazing birds of prey, have been...

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WISH in Port Gamble

If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow Port Gamble businesses on their Facebook/Instagram pages to see what they have in store for you. Wish in Port Gamble Looking for another quarantine...


Port Gamble is Hiring Seasonal Employees Right Now

Know someone looking for a Summer Job, the Port Gamble Maintenance/Land Care team is looking for seasonal employees starting as soon as possible when public health policies allow. To view the available opportunities and apply, call 360-297-7251, or visit...

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