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The Port Gamble General Store & Café celebrates One-Year Anniversary with New Ownership.

The Port Gamble General Store has been operating in historic Port Gamble since 1916. On August 2nd, 2019, the 103-year-old building was greeted by its new owners, Juan & Ginny Carosso. Happy One-Year in business in Port Gamble!

They always have really amazing displays and new products hitting the shelves frequently to keep it feeling like a treasure hunt each time you visit. Along with great Summer products, they have been doing sneak-peeks of some great Halloween products that look like a lot of fun. Many people have enjoyed some great ice cream during the hot Summer days and delicious sandwiches from the café located towards the back on the main floor. Since taking over ownership of the business last year, the Carosso’s have added a very unique, and of course adorable employee, General Barkley, who is a sweet golden retriever pup.

Stop in and say hello to Juan & Ginny Carosso as we congratulate them on a great first year in Port Gamble. Be sure to visit them at and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.