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Local Dahlia Garden in Port Gamble Draws Crowds Every Summer!

Years ago, the Kitsap County Dahlia Society started a project when the Dahlia Society received a request from the former town manager Shana Smith to plant dahlias by the Post Office. The dahlias have become a big draw for visitors to Port Gamble, and they work hard to make sure that good varieties are planted there. The Dahlia Society also has a garden located behind the Post Office. The main purpose of that garden is to grow tubers for their popular annual tuber sale in April located in Silverdale. They usually bring the leftovers from that sale to Port Gamble so look for activity around the Post Office garden in late April – early May.

Port Gamble’s own Master Gardener Mark Smith is anticipating planting 100 dahlia plants with 50 beautiful varieties in front of the Post Office building. “We are looking to plant a total of 200 plants with nearly 100 varieties in both gardens” Smith said. “A visitor favorite is the ‘‘Harvey Koop’’ which is a dinner plate multi-colored flower” Smith added.

Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook at Kitsap County Dahlia Society (KCDS) to stay up to date on their activities.