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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

If your New Year’s Resolution is to exercise more, get outdoors more, or to try new things, then Port Gamble would love to help you out with your resolution. In conjunction with Olympic Outdoor Center, Root Rock Run, NW Epic Series, and Budu Racing, Port Gamble and its world-class trails system is sure to excite and challenge those looking for adventure in 2019. With trail and bike races throughout the year, there is an adventure for everyone who accepts the challenge.

We would like to give recognition to all the great volunteers who have helped make the Port Gamble Trails one of the most sought-after outdoor recreation spots in the Northwest. If you’re interested in volunteering or fundraising, contact the North Kitsap Trails Association at or contact the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance at . Thank you all for the countless volunteer hours and hard work.