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Port Gamble Goes to the Dogs

On July 11th - 13th, Port Gamble was home to the annual Muddy Paws Dog Agility Trials, a North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) sanctioned event hosted by MudPack. The furry competitors took the field and completed 2 obstacle courses that were timed. A crowd of about 100 spectators gathered and watched the spectacle. Although this is a serious competition, many laughs were had as the competitors let their fur down and just had some plain old fun. Look for this fun event to return in July 2016 and visit if you're interested in in joining as a member.


Port Gamble is pet friendly and is a frequent stop for many locals looking to get in a good walk on any day of the week. We welcome you to bring your 'best friend" out for a walk in town, but please remember to keep your pals on a leash at all times and pick up after them. We have provided doggie bag stations all over Port Gamble to make it easy on you. Enjoy!