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Storm Recovery August 29th - ???

A powerful windstorm swept across western Washington this past weekend and created problems all over North Kitsap. Port Gamble was hit hard with overpowering wind gusts and torrential downpours. Electricity was knocked out early on Saturday August 29th and restored to most of the town late Sunday evening. Some parts in Port Gamble are still without power today (Tuesday Sept 1st) but Puget Sound Energy crews are still working to restore power and are optimistic that they will be successful by this evening. Along with the power outage, Port Gamble experienced trees and debris falling all over the town. The Port Gamble Maintenance office and various tree services have been working hard to clear the debris and downed trees since Saturday.

Port Gamble Weddings and Events hosted weddings in Port Gamble all weekend long as well. We applaud and thank the brides and grooms for staying positive throughout this stormy weekend.

Now that power has been restored, the businesses are open for customers. We want to thank everyone working for the safety of Port Gamble and also the Puget Sound Energy crews for all of the hard and hazardous work they are continuing to do.

Stay safe!