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A Development Opportunity that's One for the History Books

Raydient, a Rayonier taxable REIT subsidiary, is seeking interest from developers, builders, investors, and potential partners, for Port Gamble, its historic company town in Kitsap County, Washington.

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• 318-acres total
• 120-acres in developed townsite
• 1.4 miles of waterfront

Existing buildings
• 28 residences (46,384 SF)
• 19 Commercial buildings (85,000 SF)

Development Plan
• 254 single and multifamily homes
• 80,000 sf of commercial land including space for hotel, office, retail

Served by Kitsap P.U.D. water
• Two 285,000-gallon reservoirs

New Waste Water Treatment Plant
• Current capacity 65,000 gallons, future capacity 100,000 gallons
• High tech Membrane Bio-Reactor technology operated by Kitsap PUD

• Frontage on State Route 104
• Annual Average Daily Trips: 5,600

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