Who Keeps Port Gamble Looking So Good? Meet the Staff!

Port Gamble Flowers

From mowing acres of green grass to tree trimming, the Port Gamble Landcare Crew is responsible for keeping the grounds of this historic town looking beautiful year round. These guys work rain or shine maintaining the landscape and providing expert care for the continuity of the perrenial plant life everyone has come to love in Port Gamble. The Landcare Crew also strives to provide a safe and clean environment for all of the town's visitors by working to keep Port Gamble litter-free and removing tree debris after a windstorm. We want to thank these guys for all of the back-breaking work that makes Port Gamble one of Washington State's favorite destinations.

The crew left to right: Brandon, Derrill, Steve and Master Gardener Mark.

Port Gamble Landcare Crew

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